Tidewater Architects, LLC was established on two core principals: Design and Service. We are Architects and Designers, who work along side with Structural & MEP Engineers in order to provide our clients with their finished products. We specialize in high end residential design and Commercial projects. We strive to achieve client goals through a collaborative effort among our designers in a creative studio environment.

” We believe Architecture is a process rather than a product. Innovation results from extra team effort and successful projects come from exceeding client expectations.”


We are a small, tightly knit group of talented Architects, Designers, Project Managers, and skilled craftsmen who aspire to bridge the gap between inspiration and finished product. With the accumulated knowledge and combined experiences, we are able to provide and fulfill satisfactory services to our clients with all our heart and talent.

We strive to achieve client goals and solve modern day issues through a collaborative effort. Our belief is that Architecture and design is long, holistic process which requires everyone’s time, effort, and patience. Successful projects result from unselfishness, constant teamwork, and crystal clear communication.

Tidewater Architect Gregory Hong, RA, NCARB

Gregory Hong, RA, NCARB

Born in Sydney, Australia, Mr. Hong has lived all over the world including the United States, Korea, Canada and Japan. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering, he has a Master of Architecture from the University of Illinois and taught design as a doctoral candidate at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Mr. Hong’s unique cultural background and experiences provide him with an acute understanding of our built environment as it relates to daily life. He has served as Architect for a broad spectrum of national and international projects in Korea as well as the U.S., in a variety of industries including: education, sports, entertainment, leisure, religion, multi-use, urban development, master site planning, industrial, retail and commercial sectors.
Tidewater Architect Michael Smith  - about us tidewater architects

Michael Smith

Michael Smith, Partner of TideWater Architects LLC, Michael has an Associate Arts Degree in Architecture from Palm Beach Community College. Previous to launching MJS designs, Micheal Smith has led design teams in several highly successful Architectural Firms. Michael has gained recognition throughout the Low Country for his combination of exceptional design abilities, commitment to client satisfaction, and value of engineering techniques.
Curt Wriggle Tidewater Architects director of marketing - about us tidewater architects

Curt Wriggle

Curt Wriggle, Partner of TideWater Architects LLC , Curt Wriggle is the Director of Marketing. He is responsible for the marketing, communication and business development efforts of the firm. In addition to strategic business development efforts, he directs media relations, branding, advertising and website development. He manages and oversees sponsorship’s, events, charitable contributions, marketing training and more.

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