“One of  the most rewarding experiences in life is, designing and building a home that is customized to you and your family’s wants and needs. “

We are a small, tightly knit group of talented Architects, Designers, Project Managers, and skilled craftsmen who aspire to bridge the gap between inspiration and finished product. With the accumulated knowledge and combined experiences, we are able to provide and fulfill satisfactory services to our clients with all our heart and talent.

Tidewater Architects provides clients with the convenience and piece of mind knowing that a complete range of services needed to build or remodel the home of their dreams is provided.  Some clients do not need all of our services provided and prefer to select just a few of the many services offered.  They rely on their own resources for the rest.  Tidewater Architects tailors their services to meet the needs of each individual client.

To better acquaint you with Tidewater Architects, a five-step process utilized by the company to ensure a smooth building experience is described on the Our Design Process page.  The process is divided into two sections, standard and optional services.  The standard services are performed on every project, with the optional services vary from client to client.

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” We strive to achieve client goals and solve modern day issues through a collaborative effort. Our belief is that Architecture and design is long, holistic process which requires everyone’s time, effort, and patience. Successful projects result from unselfishness, constant teamwork, and crystal clear communication.”

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